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Brava Center: New Solutions Complementary & Integrative Health

Brava Center for Complementary & Integrative Health, is a Division of with our goal of transforming Lifestyle Healthcare by bringing to market innovative products and services to promote consumer psychological health and emotional wellness, beauty, and performance.  As Licensed Counseling Psychologists, and Psychological Counselors/NPI, we work in partnership with Board Certified physicians ensuring full access to researched and leading advancements in lifestyle healthcare,  products, and services.

For more information, please contact

Licensed Counseling Psychologists and Psychological Counselors LPC who specialize in Health Psychology


Brava Center: Health by the Sea®

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Having peace, happiness, and healthiness is our definition of beauty!
















Brava Consilience Center®

The Unity of Knowledge

In wellness terms, consilience refers to the union of traditionally separated fields such as psychology, exercise science, nutrition, nutrigenomics and biomechanics.

The goal of BRAVA's Consilience Conference Center® is to converge the wealth of knowledge from multiple fields of practice and research into a unified framework towards the pursuit of wellness and teach this framework to our clients.





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