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SOLUTIONS - How can we help you succeed?

BRAVA is available to you at your home for personal computer technology solutions or at your company with a division, group or individual staff on a contractual temporary, short or long term basis for onsite application or employee onsite training based upon your company's needs.

We provide expertise in Office Professional 2007, Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Techniques with VBA, Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 & 2007, Microsoft Accounting Standard & Professional 2008, SQL Server 2005, and other standard Accounting Software programs (Peachtree Accounting, QuickBooks, etc. ), Access Database Management with Relational Data Base Design to optimize your customer relationships, Microsoft Business Intelligence Dynamics, Financial Analytics with Solomon and Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Small Business Web Development and Web Management Services. We can provide you with US and Global e-Commerce Solutions in a multitude of world languages. And, we provide expertise in  all of the major financial analytics and accounting software, such as QuickBooks, SPSS Business Intelligence, etc.

BRAVA designs financial and business management solutions for you or your company that are packaged and priced to meet the short or long term needs of your organization. We will help you with your technology solutions to gain timely and accurate business insight that you need to...


Today, every connection you make depends to some degree on Information and Communication Technology. Every action, every decision, every success - technology touches them all.

BRAVA Business Tech Solutions

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