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DIRECT PURCHASE POLICY 2016: After six-years using Google, Inc., that retired its online credit card processing services for all internet Ecommerce, we are investigating selection of the the highest security global credit card processing for our clients and customers.

As of 2016, Brava Corp has determined that due to hackers' sophisticated intrusion capabilities that NO Ecommerce credit card information of customer name and account number is safe and secure due to intrusion into major banks, major public companies, and even US federal government computer systems, and other developed nations' banking and credit card databases- all with the highest security in place. Although fees and costs of global credit card processing have increased significantly, the security systems have not despite the "impression marketing" for credit card processing business. Thus, in an abundance of caution, we have suspended online credit card processing at this time [2016].

Does it make it more difficult for you and us? YES! But we are able to keep both the risks and costs of our services and products down. We believe that protection of our clients' and customers' name and credit card information and Brava's proprietary information is worth the extra effort on all parties - Brava and its customers and clients.

Contact us president@bravacorp.com directly to make arrangement for payment by check or money order or other secure means before services or products are made available to our clients and customers.

INSURANCE: We are MBA Management Consultants and Licensed Counseling Psychology Professionals credentialed and approved for US Military Armed Services Humana Tri-Care Network Provider, Medicare/Medicaid CMS National Provider ID NPI, and most major insurance companies. We hold professional licenses in Counseling Psychology in several US states, and under the legal doctrine of reciprocity for US licensed professionals, may engage in Tele-Mental Health Video Counseling & Management Consulting in the US and on a global basis with citizens, companies and governments of nations of the world.

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