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DIRECT BUSINESS TO CUSTOMER PURCHASE POLICY 2019: We accept check, money order, or electronic "Bill Pay" transfer Bank to Bank.

NON-REFUND/NON-CHARGEBACK POLICY: All Brava Division Services and Products for Sale are provided by Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Counseling Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors, and Licensed Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Licensed Nutritionists and persons with the highest level of graduate MBA / MAcc education in their fields. In sum, we are Licensed Professionals with integrity who have the highest regard and respect for our clients and customers.

NON-REFUND / NON-CHARGEBACK POLICY: Due to the nature of our Human Resources and Psychological Testing Services and Professional Accounts Nutraceutical Sales of USP GMP Pharmaceutical Grade nutrients shipped directly from the manufacturer to your address, we DO NOT provide refunds of our Test Administration Services or sale of our USP Pharmacopeia products or accept any chargebacks initiated by our clients and customers.

If you have questions in advance of purchase we provide up to one-hour of free consulting services, particularly to assist with your selection of HR Testing, or Psychological Testing or purchase of USP GMP Pharmaceutical Grade Nutraceuticals for your health and well-being. We provide full Test Description and Sample Test Reports free of charge and test selection consultation; and we provide Brochures for all of our products. We schedule Confidential in office or online video conference "Tele-Menta; Health Counseling" or Tele-Consulting payable in advance after confirmation of your insurance carrier and issue insurance claim form to you in compliance with your insurance carrier's policies.

Thus, we have in place since 2006 Brava's NON-REFUND AND NON-CHARGEBACK POLICY for ALL services and products on our site.

NON-REFUND / NON CHARGEBACK POLICY QUESTIONS? Contact president@bravacorp.com directly with your questions for a free-consult and/or to make arrangement for payment by check or money order or other e-payment "Invoice / Bill Pay Bank to Bank Transfer" before products are shipped or services are provided to our clients and customers. If this is not agreeable to you, then we suggest you selected another online provider with the depth and breadth of education, professional licenes, and experience as Brava Consulting & Counseling Group! Guess what? There aren't any!



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