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In addition to performing Forensic Evaluations and providing expert testimony, our specialists in Forensic Psychology meet with attorneys and consult with members of the legal community regarding criminal and civil issues, including jury selection consultations.

The complexity of your case means that an intelligent, unbiased and clear evaluation of the facts is vital for your trial strategy. 

  BRAVA's experts can assist you with:

  • developing cross-examination or deposition questions

  • expert testimony on a variety of forensic evaluations and clinical issues

  • review of opposing expert’s report

  • provide a comprehensive evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

At BRAVA, our Forensic Evaluations and written reports are offered in a timely fashion, communicated clearly, and provide recommendations that are helpful and relevant to the specific psycho-legal questions at hand. We conduct our forensic evaluations in English or Spanish to better serve the needs of the person, the community, the public and the judicial system for effective decision-making.

BRAVA Fees and Payment Terms

BRAVA's fees are calculated on the basis of time involved, complexity of the case and the type of services rendered. Our fees generally include interview time, review of documents, test administration, test evaluation, test expenses, integration and synthesis of data, consultation time with you and report preparation.

An initial Contract and Retainer Agreement with retainer amount of one half of the estimated fee is to be paid by retainer and forwarded to BRAVA Forensic Psychology Division with a signed copy of the engagement letter authorizing BRAVA to proceed before any services are rendered.

The balance of your retainer account must reflect the balance of the  estimated fees to be paid following the consultation with you, unless other arrangements are made.  A written forensic report of the clinical findings will be forwarded to you within one week of payment of the remaining balance due.

In the event it is necessary, we may partner with Fellow APA Members in your area of the country  who have specialized Forensic Psychology Training.

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