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Statement of Brava Test Administration Services:

BRAVA Corporation and none of its associates, affiliates or partners in the US, Canada or Brava Global Partners are selling Psychology Tests. 

We administer the tests you selected by internet computer access throughout the world, by computer CD, and by paper/pencil administration with an approved Test Proctor or Brava Partners or Personnel.

We are Licensed Counseling Psychologists and Professional Counselors & Member of the APA and SHRM.

BRAVA Psychology Testing Services provides 1-Hour Pre-Test Consultation Services, Test Administration Services in compliance with the American Psychological Association Assessment Section 9 of APA Code of Professional Conduct and Test Publisher Manual/Administration. Then, we issue a Confidential Test Report and 1-Hour of Post Test Consultation Services included in the price for all of the Tests on the Brava Corporation site.

BRAVA Psychology Testing Services can provide you with a full description of each test, a sample report and price for Brava Psychology Test Administration.  We provide quantity discounts.

BRAVA has Test Administration partners has test administration capabilities throughout the US, Canada and Europe to administer psychology tests in compliance with the test publisher requirements. We partner with fellow Members of the APA to administer tests in your area.



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360° Coach Survey (Coach360°)

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Individual Internet Brava Test Administration Services

Contact president@bravacorp.com Brava Test Administration Services for full description, sample report, individual testing price and quantity discounts, and to arrange confidential internet testing and electronic report.

The Coach360 is a multi-rater instrument that collects information about a coach's ability to foster, motivate, and manage the development of athletic excellence. The coach as well as several individuals who know him or her well (such as supervisors, colleagues, players, and others) complete a brief 22 item multiple-choice survey about the coach's current and expected performance in several areas critical to coaching effectiveness. Completed by each respondent in less than 20 minutes, the Coach360 offers a unique source of data about a coach's performance from a wide variety of sources.

The Coach360 provides coaches with extensive feedback about their skills in maximizing athletic performance. As a result, the Coach360 is well-suited for self-development as well as for use in professional performance improvement projects.

What the Coach360 Measures

The Coach360 assesses three competency sets that are critical to fostering athletic achievement:

Defining Needs

Guiding Athletes

Reinforcing Performance

The Coach360 Report provides extensive feedback to the coach. Both composite and sub-group analyses are presented.


Sports 360° Coach Survey (Coach360)® is a copyright and mark solely owned by 3D Group, Inc


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