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Leadership Assessments

360° Leadership Navigator® for Executives

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Individual Test Administration Services & Confidential Report

Contact president@bravacorp.com Brava Test Administration Services for full description, sample report, individual testing price and quantity discounts, and to arrange confidential internet testing and electronic report.

The 360° Leadership Navigator® for Executives can produce three different reports; each can be ordered separately. You will also have the opportunity to order additional reports after the test has been taken.

Price: Feedback Report, Developmental Report, Developmental Resources Report

Individual Internet Brava Test Administration Services One Test Administration $490.00 with Feedback Report.

Individual Internet Brava Test Administration Services One Test Administration $590.00 with Developmental Report.

Individual Internet Brava Test Administration Services One test Administration with Developmental Resources Report $490.00

Contact president@bravacorp.com Brava Test Administration Services for full description, sample report, individual testing price and quantity discounts, and to arrange confidential internet testing and electronic report.

3D Group's Leadership Navigator® for Executives is a 360° feedback instrument that measures the leadership skills that are most relevant for executives in today's organizations.

The Leadership Navigator® Executive survey is a 360° feedback tool designed to assess leadership behavior for senior-level executives.The instrument has been used for leaders ranging from CEO to Director, but is most typically used with Vice President level executives. The Executive survey measures 12 competencies, each of which is grouped into two dimensions of leadership: Organizational Leadership and Leading People.

The theoretical foundation for the instrument derives from Ohio State Leadership studies where leadership behaviors were separated into two primary factors: (1) Initiating Structure (Organizational Leadership) which focuses on getting tasks accomplished, structuring work roles and organizational priorities and (2) Consideration (Leading People) which focuses on meeting people’s needs so they can work most effectively together.This approach to measuring leadership was recently supported by a comprehensive analysis of over 160 leadership studies spanning 40 years that found validity coefficients exceeding .45 for these constructs (Judge, Piccolo, & Ilies, 2004. Journal of Applied Psychology, #89 p. 36-51).

Based on extensive research and validation, this survey contains 72 items and typically requires fewer than 15 minutes to complete. Survey questions are clear, behaviorally based, and easily understood by those providing and receiving feedback. The participant, peers, boss, and direct reports complete ratings on a developmentally focused 4-point scale that includes “meets expectations” as a self-referenced proficiency target. Raters also have the opportunity to provide open-ended written comments.

What the Instrument Measures

The Leadership Navigator® for Executives provides for in-depth feedback on a leaders workplace behavior based on 12 competencies:


· Developing Talent

· Delegation

· Motivating Top Performance

· Communication

· Teamwork

· Integrity


· Strategic Management

· Mission , Vision, Values

· Decision Making

· Industry Knowledge

· Financial Management

· Influencing & Negotiating


Feedback Report

The Leadership Navigator® for Executives feedback report is comprised of four sections that provide the executive with clear and complete feedback based on survey responses.The report contains 20 pages covering the following sections.

·Overview - Provides a 2-page overall comparison of an executive’s competency scores for each rater group on each competency.

·Competency Breakout Pages – One page per competency. For each competency, overall ratings from each rater group are shown in a bar graph. A table displays average ratings for each behavior by rater group.

·Strengths and Development Needs - This page lists the ten highest and ten lowest rated behaviors.

·Narrative Comments - This section displays verbatim comments provided by raters on both strengths and development needs.

Developmental Report

An enhanced version of the feedback report can be purchased.This enhanced report includes the Feedback Report plus a nine-page Feedback Interpretation Workbook.The workbook provides the feedback recipient with a series of self-paced exercises designed to help identify development priorities and begin development planning.By the end of the workbook, leaders will have thoroughly reviewed their report and will have identified their top three development priorities based on the results.

Developmental Resources

After the feedback recipient has completed the Feedback Interpretation Workbook and knows what behaviors to develop, the Leadership Navigator® Development Guide for Executives is a valuable resource for action planning.The 50+ page guide includes an overview of the competency model and lists a comprehensive set of regularly updated developmental resources tailored to each competency.For each of the 12 competencies, the guide provides an in-depth behavioral description of proficiency levels, a current reading list, local and national executive education opportunities, and a list of related business cases.This is an excellent resource to help executives choose their development activities and to take the step beyond receiving feedback to actually taking action.

"Leadership Navigator® " is a copyright and mark solely owned by 3D Group, Inc




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