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Statement of Brava Test Administration Services:

BRAVA Corporation and none of its associates, affiliates or partners in the US, Canada or Brava Global Partners are selling Psychology Tests. 

We administer the tests you selected by internet computer access throughout the world, by computer CD, and by paper/pencil administration with an approved Test Proctor or Brava Partners or Personnel.

We are Licensed Counseling Psychologists and Professional Counselors & Member of the APA and SHRM.

BRAVA Psychology Testing Services provides 1-Hour Pre-Test Consultation Services, Test Administration Services in compliance with the American Psychological Association Assessment Section 9 of APA Code of Professional Conduct and Test Publisher Manual/Administration. Then, we issue a Confidential Test Report and 1-Hour of Post Test Consultation Services included in the price for all of the Tests on the Brava Corporation site.

BRAVA Psychology Testing Services can provide you with a full description of each test, a sample report and price for Brava Psychology Test Administration.  We provide quantity discounts.

BRAVA has Test Administration partners has test administration capabilities throughout the US, Canada and Europe to administer psychology tests in compliance with the test publisher requirements. We partner with fellow Members of the APA to administer tests in your area.

We administer many tests to suit your needs, provide corporate consulting, training and group or individual counseling services.

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Educational Leadership Assessments

Hallmarks of Excellence® in

Educational Leadership

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The Research Behind Hallmarks of Excellence®

Contact president@bravacorp.com Brava Test Administration Services for full description, price for individual testing and to arrange confidential online internet testing and confidential electronic report.

The Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadership represents a breakthrough in online assessment technology that delivers the most comprehensive measurement of executive educational leadership potential available on the market today. Drawing from intensive research and analysis, this assessment regimen analyzes patterns of competencies, personal traits, critical thinking skills, and emotional intelligence and contrasts those results to attributes (the “DNA”) of proven high performance leaders.

Brava HR Educational Leadership Assessments will help you:

Educational leaders must shape, nurture and exemplify a culture that motivates greatness and maximizes potential within the school corporation, the community and its people. They must strive to bring a transformational perspective by identifying and reinforcing principles and practices of world-class educational leadership. The Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadership captures the attributes and qualities essential for leading a school system at a level of excellence.

Grow from Manager to Leader: Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Central Office Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, Department Heads and Lead Teachers move from successful managers to effective leaders through the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadershipdevelopment program.

Leaders want to make a difference, but often the very nature of leadership restricts objective feedback. The Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadership approach offers current and aspiring leaders the opportunity for an executive or administrator leadership "fitness" checkup.


What the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadership Measures

Developers of the instrument have identified nine leadership competencies organized within a leadership model - Mastering your Core, Forging the Path and Ensuring Execution - that describe behaviors of extraordinary leaders. The individual hallmarks have been developed from instruments that measure competency-based leadership skills, personal traits, critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence factors. These leadership competencies are:


Values/Integrity – Effective leaders build trust among stakeholders and the community at large. They speak and live with honesty, courage, and grace.  

Emotional Maturity – Effective leaders are able to discern transition effectively in cross-situational environments.  Understands and manages personal emotions.  Respects the feelings and attitudes of others.

Continuous Learning – Committed to constant personal development of technical and functional expertise.  Assumes responsibility for identifying areas for personal growth. Ability to discern best practices and readily shares knowledge and skills with others.


Discernment/Decisiveness – Sizes up situations quickly.  Acts with good judgment and certainty.   Anticipates change and initiates solutions.

Strategic Mindset – Conceptualizes like a business owner/partner vs. an employee.  Well-developed global view of life.  Understands the times and issues and is equipped to develop and deploy strategic action.

Effective Communication – Articulates ideas and influences people through clear, coherent written and oral communications.


Extraordinary Results – Ability to align and mobilize the company’s processes, resources, and people to achieve measurable, bottom-line results.

Energetic Team Building – Selects talented people.  Creates and models an empowering environment.  Promotes diversity (cultural, race, gender and age) to realize business success.

Customer/Quality Orientation – Listens to customers.  Dedicated to achieving superior service and personal excellence.

Based upon assessment results combined with the leader's responsibilities and challenges, an individualized performance improvement plan is constructed.



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