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Product Categories and Health Applications

Science Based Formulas & Medical Foods - not just supplements!

Carefully Formulated & Manufactured for Your Optimum Health 

The quality of your health is worth considering the quality of nutritional supplements you purchase and ingest.  When you select nutritional products to promote your health, the quality of the products you choose can make a difference. Thousands of nutritional products are on the market today, but there are important differences in quality and  price. At Brava Nutrition, you can be confident that the nutritional products we recommend  and offer on this site reflect the highest industry standards and address health applications with your best interest in mind.

Metagenics® offers hundreds of quality nutritional products to promote optimal health, manufactured with Good Manufacturing Standards GMP. If you know the name of the product you're looking for, or the type of product you're looking for, use one of our convenient product search Health Applications links below. You can also browse our products alphabetically Metagenics A to Z


Antioxidant & Phytonutrient Formulas

Ayurvedic Botanical Formulas

Blood Sugar Support Formulas

Body Composition Formulas

Bone Support Mineral Formulas

Brain Support Formulas

B Vitamin Formulas

Cardiovascular Support Formulas

Vitamin C Formulas

Children's Formulas

Chinese Botanical Formulas

Detoxification Support Formulas

Digestive & Enzyme Formulas

Energy Support Formulas

Fatty Acid Formulas

Feminine Health Formulas

Functional Foods

Glandular Formulas

Herbal Formulas

Homeopathic Formulas

Immune & Respiratory Support Formulas

Joint & Muscle Support Formulas

Male Health Formulas

Medical Foods

Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formulas

Probiotic & Intestinal Support Formulas

Specialty Products

Sports Nutrition Formulas

Stress Management  & Restful Sleep Formulas








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