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Supporting the United States DOD in hiring engineers for deployment to Iraq.

Supporting the United States FEMA in hiring and deployment of engineers and relief personnel for Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Implementing a government grant collaboration to provide preventive mental health and developmental disabilities services to infants to 9 year-olds and their families.

Identifying local successes to help schools across the country work to reduce drugs and youth gun violence and providing seminars and Drug Abuse with Brain SPECT Imaging.

Investing and rehabilitating multi-family housing to reduce crime and spur community development in Atlanta, GA.

Performing duties of Consumer Protection Coordinator for the states in public policy and planning in mental health, social services, developmental disabilities, drug abuse and justice programs.

Designing advanced business intelligence solutions with Advanced Excel, Relational Database Design with Access, SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft Business Intelligence Dynamics CRM for senior management effective business decision making.

Planning and implementing international marketing campaigns in 10 to 15 foreign languages for private industry.

Writing business marketing plans and federal contract and grant proposals - GSA, DOJ, NIH, NIA and other federal and state agencies.



Implementing training to educators and clinical providers with prevention programs in substance abuse & addictive diseases.

Training HHA, CNA, LPN, RN nursing and health care staff on Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and home health care nursing programs.

Designing effective human resources, management, employee training, HR testing, and leadership development programs.

Writing State & Federal Government Prime Contractor GSA application proposals for private industry in compliance with federal schedules and regulations.

Designing advanced information technology solutions for small and medium-size companies with “paperless strategies.”

Implementing Human Resources Corporate & Psychological Testing and designing HR programs for businesses and Human Capital Consulting.

Providing forensic psychological evaluations and Psychology Counseling to the Juvenile & Adult Criminal Justice and Family Law Divisions for the Courts, such as Competency to Stand Trial, APA Child Custody, and Child Abuse with expert testimony.

Many more projects assisting our clients to realize their full potential with the goal to optimize their profits or implement non-profit programs to benefit humanity, and make the world a better place for all.





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